Mr. Rogers raised me to believe  
that I would someday be important.
A mailman maybe, or a vet.
Instead I became a poet
with a lot of strong opinions
I keep mostly to myself.
But since you asked: I don’t believe
in guns or time, or buying followers
on Instagram. I don’t believe in
ampersands within the body
of a poem & sometimes
I’m a hypocrite & sometimes
I’m ashamed.
You see, I spend a lot of time
alone, I was that child
picking daisies in the outfield
instead of playing games;
things could not have turned out
any other way.
What I’m trying to say: I’m the woman
at the supermarket whose cart
you bump while reaching
for the shredded cheese
(another thing in which I don’t believe).
You don’t look or say you’re sorry;
you’ve got quesadillas on the brain.
I’m the woman who goes home
and writes a poem
instead of saying something
to your face.