The Road is My Religion

Sometimes I bump into some cool people and interesting stuff, which might not happen if I could see where I were going.


Paa Mul

We walk an empty stretch of beach kept secret by the locals, not residents nor tourists either, suspended for a summer between addresses, without a set of walls to keep us in. No trinkets here, no coconut drinks, only a half-bottle of wine warm as the sea whose faded green is like the turquoise no … Continue reading Paa Mul

Two Sonnets About the Sucky Side of Resurrection

Lazarus From the cave I walked into the darkness I once called day, and gagged upon the smells. My sisters wore the ashes of distress; I loosened my shroud and poor Marta fell. I despaired to find myself back in hell. Some error had returned me to the world of dull-eyed beasts, of shit and … Continue reading Two Sonnets About the Sucky Side of Resurrection

The Parable of the Magic Sweater

Once upon a time, it was the custom of the land to give each newborn child a sweater. Every person in the child's village played a part in making the sweater. Some fed and watched the sheep, some sheared. Some spun thread, some dyed it brilliant colors. And some, called weavers, whispered incantations as they … Continue reading The Parable of the Magic Sweater

Two Sonnets About Adam and Eve

So, I've been experimenting with sonnets, just to see how hard it might be. The verdict: Sonnets are very hard. It makes me appreciate Shakespeare on a different level. Here are two of my attempts. Adam Back then I could pronounce their names, the ones They called themselves, each one different. We walked together 'neath … Continue reading Two Sonnets About Adam and Eve

The Bible is Wack

Imagine that a horde of people from Pennsylvania marched into Ohio and started killing everyone there because the god of Pennsylvania promised Ohio to them. You’ve never heard of the god of Pennsylvania, but you sure as shit aren’t going to just randomly start worshiping some god you never heard of just because the Pennsylvanians think you should.