POETRY (titles w/o links in print only)

ANOREXORCISM – Bottlecap Press, 2022

“In the Beginning” @ Ms. Muse (scroll down lil bit)

“Questions for LaMDA” @ Rat’s Ass Review

“I Am Not Ashamed of Crying at Work When I Hear About Another School Shooting” @ Arts Alive San Antonio

“The Bomb” @ TPA

God at the Thrift Store” @ oddball magazine

“Twelfth of May” – WINNER 2021 @ Able Muse Write Prize for Poetry

Father, Daughter, Hungry Ghost” @ Rattle, Spring 2022

“Jeff” & “Prayer Against Forest Fires” & “Prayer for Thich Quang Duc” @ Hole in the Head Review (v3n1)

“In Praise of the Body” @ The Healing Muse: A Journal of Literary and Visual Arts (21, 1)

“Prayer Against the Binary” & “Prayer After Receiving Communion” @ Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts, Issue 3

“in the dark i am” @ 805 Lit, Pride issue

“Study” @ Mom Egg Review

“Adam” & “Eve” – two sonnets @ Texas Poetry Assignments

“Psalm for Those Who Die Alone” & “Psalm for the Unemployed” @ TEJASCOVIDO (Langdon Review)


Expecting” @ Open: Journal of Arts & Letters Pushcart Prize Nominee 

“Mardi Gras” @ Bodega

“Tender Bridges” @ THIS.

“Open All Night” @ [PANK]

Window Washer” @ a Narrative Magazine Story of the Week

The Taxidermist” @ Real South Magazine

“Crescent City Connection” @ Gulfstream