Two Sonnets About Adam and Eve

So, I've been experimenting with sonnets, just to see how hard it might be. The verdict: Sonnets are very hard. It makes me appreciate Shakespeare on a different level. Here are two of my attempts. Adam Back then I could pronounce their names, the ones They called themselves, each one different. We walked together 'neath … Continue reading Two Sonnets About Adam and Eve


Why Go To Church?

Last Friday, I went back to the Orthodox church I've all but stopped attending. I'm sort of obsessed with the Virgin Mary; feast days in her honor are hard to resist. Plus, there was going to be a fish dinner. (Every year on the 25th of March, Eastern Christians commemorate Mary’s visitation by the archangel … Continue reading Why Go To Church?

The Saints Come Marching In

For years, I've collected religious iconography. Moist-eyed apostles festoon my walls; my jewelry box overflows with rosaries and holy medals. This summer I even made a 500-mile pilgrimage on foot to the relics of St. James, and have a certificate verifying—in Latin—the completion of my journey. I began collecting saints my during a brief brief … Continue reading The Saints Come Marching In